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Graphic/Web designers are artists that are able to apply their aesthetic sensibilities to commercial objectives. Graphic/Web design concentrates on the use of art, text and layout to create visually interesting and noticeable images. Professionals designers work on package design to advertising, book layouts to interactive media, the options are truly endless for skilled graphic designers in today’s market.

In learning to become a successful graphic/web designer,students learn how to marry their own artistic vision and original voice with the technical and professional demands they will face in the industry. Whether it is designing a website designing, movie poster, creating marketing materials or designing graphic materials for businesses and organizations of all types, the skill set one acquires in becoming a graphic/web designer allows a person to explore a wide range of industries and design styles.

Our programs are practice-oriented that is customizable, so students work with real-world studio to develop their portfolio. The curriculum combines manual art with computer-based design to help students explore and experiment with everything from magazine layouts, web designing to 3D and focused on exposing students to sophisticated design, communication skills, and new technologies.

Course Title Course Duration
Professional Diploma in 2D Web & Graphics 10 Months
Diploma in 2D Web & Graphics 7 Months
Diploma in Graphic Design 4 Months



Animation is both an art and science, involving different technologies in a world-wide multi- billion dollar industry.

Animation programs teach our students the global filmmaking process in animation and VFX. Expert animators from the industry mentor students in a studio-like environment. Professional animators pursue careers in animation art, character animation, CGI effects, and motion graphics. We set ourselves apart with an emphasis on the practical, technical and artistic skills that are required to bring CG-enhanced stories to life, and actively prepare students for the rigors of a professional studio

Our course is structured so that our students will learn both traditional and modern methods and technology. Also the aspect of digital tools and softwares are important and are included in the program. Our students will learn to use professionally the Adobe softwares and 3D softwares that are today a standard to visualize ideas and concepts. brings the students to master the different steps of the production of a animated short film: the pre-production (model design, storyboard, layout, scenario...), the production (modelling, rigging, animation...) and finally the post-production (lighting, rendering and special effects).

Course name Duration
Professional Diploma in Graphics & Animation 12 months
Diploma in 2D Web and 3D Animation 6 Months

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