Interior Architectural Design


The Interior Architecture field is a technical and volumetric approach to space design, with an approach towards total spatial experiences. Students often start with raw spaces and develop the full palette of technical means to create habitats for a variety of users. Adaptive reuse and renovation of existing architectural spaces forms a large portion of the work done by Interior Designers. Professionals often work with interior design firms, but also branch out into set design for film and television, exhibition design, events, as well as styling for photo shoots, window displays, and retail experiences. They also become in-house designers for corporate, retail, and hospitality chains.

The program aims to develop the ability to conceptualize, plan, design, and detail functional and aesthetical interior spaces ranging from small residential spaces to large public & commercial spaces. The learning is project-based with options to explore both the complex functional, technical, planning aspects, as well as the softer artistic, aesthetic. The taught skill-set includes research, strategic decision making, 3-D ideation; free-hand sketching, diagrammatic and technical drawings; digital drawing, and various presentation skills.

Our endeavour is to inculcate in students a sound spatial and technical design sense, a thorough knowledge of building materials and lighting strategies functional and a keen aesthetic sensitivity to interior and exterior environments, vaastu , electrical & plumbing layouts, and ethical norms.

We offer different interior design course durations so that the students can choose the length that suits better for their needs and expectations. In any moment students can decide to extend the duration of the chosen course to 6 or 12 months as the programs are perfectly compatible. Our main focus is residential design, commercial design, and furniture design.

Our courses focuses on commercial spaces, acoustics, fire & safety, space planning, cost estimation, escalator & Elevators ,furniture & fixtures and ventilation/air-conditioning systems to create functional and comfortable environments. The programme is a curated blend of traditional architecture and interior designing courses

Course Title Course Duration
Professional Diploma in Interior Architectural Design 1 year
Diploma in Interior Architectural Design 6 months
Diploma in IAD Graphics 3 months
Course on 2D CAD 1 month
Diploma on 3D Visualization 2 months
Course on google sketchup 1 month

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